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Industrial Equipment Specialists for Your Needs

Factory maintenance minimizes the risk of industrial equipment breakdown. Although a plant shutdown isn’t always avoidable, regular factory maintenance makes it less likely to happen.

Industrial Machinery Specialists for Regular Maintenance

If you are scheduling staff members for machinery and factory maintenance, you are cutting into production time. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., handles all factory maintenance from telecommunications to electrical. With one factory maintenance company, you will not be dealing with multiple businesses to handle your industrial equipment needs.

Every business will need upgrades from time to time. Because of those upgrades, a factory shutdown is inevitable, especially if you are switching from electrical to solar power.

Factory Maintenance and Industrial Equipment Specialists

LES Facility Service, are factory maintenance experts who have been overseeing and conducting factory shutdowns for decades with shutdowns smooth and efficient.

A plant shutdown can cause serious problems for your business, but not when you work with LES Facility Service. Factory maintenance, including a plant shutdown, happens without incident and with as little disruption as possible to your machinery, equipment and the workplace.

Industrial Equipment Can Be Fragile During a Plant Shutdown

LES Facility Service knows how expensive industrial equipment is and has the team to service and repair your machinery. A smooth plant shutdown is a no-brainer with LES Facility Service.

Keeping up with the latest equipment changes and modifications is essential. The team of technicians from LES Facility Service is continually trained to keep up with the latest industrial equipment changes and modifications. Unlike some factory maintenance companies, LES Facility Service prides itself on continuing education for its team members.

For the best and most efficient industrial equipment and factory maintenance, you will not do better than LES Facility Service. Call for a no obligation quote today. We make facility management easy.

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