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Complete Generator Sales and Service for Knoxville Generators

Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., is the only place to consider for generator sales.


Lloyd’s Electric Service is a complete generator sales and service center and a Generac Power Pro Elite Dealer.

Why Lloyd’s Electric for Generator Sales and Service?

Because Lloyd’s Electric has been in business since 1982 and is a third generation family company, the commitment is second to none. Offering a broad range of residential and commercial solutions, Lloyd’s Electric Service sells generators all over East Tennessee.

While some commercial power protection systems seem more affordable, none come with the backup generator service provided by Generac.

Complete Generator Sales and Service

Unlike some generator sales companies, you can trust that Lloyd’s Electric Service will back up everything they sell with powerful warranties and guarantees that you will not find with other Knoxville generator sales stores. You can trust Lloyd’s Electric Service for generator sales and service.

For reliability, Generac is the only name to trust. Talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service about an inspection and quote for commercial power protection for your facility.

Types of Power Backup Fuel for Commercial Generators

Generac power backup supplies are available in different sizes. A 10-bedroom estate requires a power backup with more juice than a small 1,600 square foot home.

Clean Burning Gaseous Fuel Backup Generators

Clean burning gaseous fuel backup generators are environmentally friendly offering unique solutions for every business. As a result, your footprint will be friendlier.

Diesel-Fueled Generators

Diesel-fueled generators provide owners and managers an efficient option for fueling. Although every solution is designed to meet industry standards and applications it’s important to have recommendations.

Bi-Fuel Generators

Because bi-fuel commercial generators combine natural gas with diesel fuel you’re getting the best of both worlds. In addition, you’ll be meeting both the NFPA and NED code requirements for fuel storage on-site. Lloyd’s Electric Service and Generac offer affordable generator sales and service options to meet the needs of your power backup supply system.

For more information regarding generator sales and service, talk to Lloyd’s Electric Service. A customized quote at a price you can afford is just a call away.

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