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professional cleaning

Professional Cleaning for Commercial Spaces

A professional cleaning company offers limited services. LES Facility Service handles all commercial maintenance.

When it comes to facility management, you need a maintenance company that provides commercial plumbing, electrical and landscaping solutions in addition to professional cleaning. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., was created to fill that need.

Professional Cleaning

Cleaning a facility is what cleaning companies are paid to do. Most do not have the staff or knowledge to handle the rest of your facility management. For complete commercial solutions, LES Facility Service is ready when you are. A complete commercial solutions company, LES Facility Service is there when you need facility services the most. From professional cleaning, facility management, including lighting and plumbing maintenance, LES Facility Service is licensed, bonded, and insured company.

Professional Cleaning You Can Trust

Cleaning your commercial facility isn’t an easy task. The cleaning lady that comes in once a week to empty the trash, clean the kitchen, and vacuum the offices isn’t going to be able to handle industrial waste.

From janitorial services to emergency cleanup, LES Facility Service can help you streamline your facility management. Always on par with HEPA standards, efficient and safe cleanups are a breeze with LES Facility Service.

If your cleaner neglected to tell you about the flickering lights that have been occurring at night, you could have an electrical issue. LES Facility Service goes beyond professional cleaning. Your facility lighting will be code compliant and ready to go to work when you are.

Planned Maintenance for Professional Cleaning

LES Facility Service will be there when your toilets don’t flush or your lights go out. Best of all, you won’t have to dole out more than you bargained for with multiple facility management companies.

For the best commercial solutions, including cleaning, call LES Facility Service for a quote.

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