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commercial lawn care

Complete Lawn Care for Commercial and Industrial Sites

Commercial lawn care is essential.

LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., explains that commercial landscaping and lawn care is vital for all facilities, even those with desert landscaping.

Lawn Care and More

When you sign a maintenance agreement with LES Facility Service, you’re getting much more than lawn service. Because LES Facility Service provides ALL solutions, including commercial landscaping, they are your one stop shop for facility services.

In addition to lawn care, LES Facility Service has licensed plumbing, commercial cleaning, and electrical contractors. Because you don’t have to deal with multiple facility maintenance companies, you will save money.

Lighting for Commercial Lawn Care

You may not think lighting is important for landscaping. While your parking lot lights are providing aesthetics and safety to your employees and the public, your landscaping company probably will not have the products or services in place to repair or replace your parking lot lighting if needed. Because LES Facility Service is a licensed electrical contractor, your lights can be replaced while your lawns are being tended to.

If you pride yourself on your lush, beautiful landscaping, lighting plays a vital role in the overall look of your property. You may have the most beautiful greenery displayed in front of your facility, but if it is not well lit, nobody will see it.

Watering to Keep Things Green

Having a watering system in place is just as important as overall lawn care. If your water bills are sky high, you can bet it has something to do with your watering system.

As plumbing contractors, LES Facility Service will install and maintain the right watering system for your facility. This saves time and money.

Save time and money with LES Facility Service lawn care and more. Call for a no obligation commercial landscaping quote today.

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