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Industrial Automation Solutions As Promised

For automation solutions and process automation for industrial systems maintenance, it pays to call a team of experts. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., takes care of critical systems management so you don’t have to. If you relied on an employee from HR to update your process automation and it has left you with nothing but problems, LES Facility Service can help.

Automation Solutions for Small and Large Facilities

From a small office downtown to a large manufacturing plant in the suburbs, LES Facility Service is an insured, bonded, and licensed industrial systems maintenance company that has been providing automation solutions since 1982. Ready to tackle even the most complex process automation, LES Facility Service even handles retail services. Updating your current out of date automation systems has never been easier.

Industrial Systems Maintenance for Automation Solutions

Automation solutions are used to operate machinery and equipment in factories and other facilities. Telephone networks also rely on automation systems. Imagine what it would be like to steer and stabilize a ship without automation, much less fly a plane. Regardless of your industry, industrial systems maintenance is crucial for automation solutions.

Business Automation Solutions

With today’s complex business processes, automation is the key as it streamlines business for ease and simplicity. Affordable business automation from LES Facility Service understands that automation is more than running a conveyor belt. Automation runs your entire facility. Without automation, you would not be able to conduct business.

When Automation Matters Most

Unfortunately, some facility managers wait until something breaks. With an industrial systems maintenance agreement, you will not be left explaining to your manager why production was down for the day.

The team of experts from LES Facility Service keeps your equipment and machinery safe and is available 24/7. If an on-call solution is necessary, the team of licensed professionals is at your door ASAP.

For automation solutions, call LES Facility Service today.

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