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renewable energy

Renewable Energy for Facility Management in Greeneville, Tennessee

Renewable energy offers tremendous benefits to companies who want to convert their Greeneville area manufacturing plant or commercial facility to clean energy.

With an energy audit for renewable energy, you can determine the most cost-effective way to reduce your energy consumption.

What is an Audit for Renewable Energy?

According to LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., an energy audit provides you with a clear breakdown of when, why and how electricity and energy is used in your commercial facility. An energy audit will also check costs and determine how those rates apply to you and your business.

Wind Turbine Energy

Although wind turbine generates clean energy, it is largely dependent on the weather. Recent research also indicates that wind turbine energy may not be as good for the environment as once thought.

What this research indicates is that wind power, when deployed on a large scale, could raise the earth’s surface temperature because turbines change atmospheric flows.

Solar for Renewable Energy in Greeneville

LES Facility Service explains that solar energy provides clean energy when you need it most. With solar energy, you are not at the mercy of Mother Nature. Solar is the modern way to convert your Greeneville facility to clean energy.

Utility Scale Solar

For large projects, LES Facility Service offers a cost-effective way to generate power. With utility-scale solar, your electricity costs are fixed, even when the demand for fossil fuels is high.

Since 2012, the United States has installed utility-scale solar and now accounts for 60 percent of all capacity generated by solar power.

Renewable Energy is the Future

Call LES Facility Service and learn how you can conduct an energy audit for clean energy. Renewable energy and solar go together.

Call LES Facility Service for a no-obligation consultation for sustainable energy to power your Greeneville, Tennessee home or business today.

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