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Industrial Machinery Maintenance Made for Greeneville, Tennessee

Industrial machinery requires expert know-how to operate and maintain. From assembly lines to PLC’s, LES Facility Service keeps factories running in Greenville, Tennessee.

Industrial machinery is essential to almost any company that produces or processes anything. Understanding and maintaining equipment is crucial to keeping overhead costs under control and production up for all factories and plants.

The technicians who care for industrial equipment are called maintenance machinists or millwrights. Their job is to keep production equipment in top condition at all times. These mechanics are specially trained to know industrial machinery inside and out.  They are certified to read equipment manuals and understand controls, disassemble equipment in case of a problem, repair or replace damaged components, move equipment and more.

The licensed and bonded machinists from LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., give your Greeneville Business industrial machinery maintenance you can take to the bank.

Licensed to perform industrial machinery maintenance throughout the Southeast, LES Facility Service has been a trusted service provider for more than 35 years. When you put that experience to work for your Greeneville facility, you’ll see impressive results. Preventive and planned factory equipment maintenance from LES Facility Service cuts costs improves production efficiency and product quality and virtually eliminates the risk of breakdown.

The team from LES Facility Service knows how to protect your industrial machinery as well as your entire facility infrastructure. Helping businesses grow is an important part of our company’s legacy. As a result, we work hard to find solutions that work for you and improve your business from the bricks to the bottom line.

LES Facility Service is always available to perform emergency repairs for industrial machinery. In addition, our crew is on-call for commercial and industrial maintenance of all kinds. Contact the team in Greeneville 24-7 for electrical, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, building repair, generator service and more.

Hire Grenneville’s most trusted maintenance machinists and discover all of the ways LES Facility Service can benefit your business. Contact us today.

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