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How Industrial Generators are Moving the Planet

Industrial generators have certainly changed over the years. Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., has been in the power protection business for decades and has seen how much technology has changed.

industrial generators

The days of pulling the cord on an old gasoline portable generator are long gone.

A Brief History of Industrial Generators

When Michael Faraday put a coil of wire and permanent magnet together in 1831, the first electric generator was born. As a result, the world changed forever with industrial generators.

By the mid-1800s, gasoline and kerosene would run small engines all across Western Europe. Much more efficient and smaller, Zenobe Gramme made industrial generators for power protection available to the public.

The 1900s saw Kohler, GE, Westinghouse, Siemens, and Generac design and manufacture industrial generators for commercial and residential use.

Industrial Generators Today

Lloyd’s Electric Service is a proud Generac Power Elite Supplier and provides power protection to all size businesses. A Generac all power generator is equipped to handle the tough demands whether you run a health care facility or a busy eatery downtown.

The team from Lloyd’s Electric Service has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best generator for your business. Both large and small businesses rely on generator installation and continuing product and customer support from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Power Protection and More

You’ll never have to worry about a power outage with Generac and Lloyd’s Electric Service. Your home or commercial facility is protected within seconds of a power outage.

Professionally installed by bonded, licensed, and insured installation contractors, your new all power generator is ready. When Mother Nature decides to strike in a not so nice direction you’re up for the challenge.

Nobody Does it Better for Power Protection

When it comes to moving the world, your generator will do just that. Call Lloyd’s Electric for a no obligation industrial generator installation for your home or business.

For commercial and residential power protection, call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a quote today.

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