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Complete Site Lighting in Knoxville with Safety Quality and Experience

From the parking lot to workstations and guest areas, site lighting is a major concern for facility managers. It is crucial to make sure that both indoor and outdoor spaces are lit adequately and efficiently. Doing so provides safety and comfort to patrons and employees. In addition, upgraded lighting systems save energy and money. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., provides innovative site lighting solutions for all types of commercial and professional sites in Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding areas.

Site Lighting for Industrial Facilities

Site lighting for factories, plants, and other industrial facilities requires careful planning. It is vital that workstations and equipment are well lit for employee safety and quality control. Outdoor areas where workers are present at night must be considered also. LES Facility Service has over 35 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining lighting systems for companies throughout the Southeast. Count on the expert lighting team from LES Facility Service to help you find cost-effective solutions for all of your industrial lighting needs.

Retail Lighting

Lighting for retail spaces should be attractive and inviting to guests while still providing adequate light levels and maintaining energy efficiency. When it comes to lighting retail locations in Knoxville like boutiques, restaurants and hotels, LES Facility Service has a knack for beautiful retail lighting design. From dedicated indoor lighting for displays and other key areas to landscape and parking lot lights to storefront and LED signs, LES Facility Service has retail lighting covered.

Egress Lighting

Egress lighting includes emergency and safety lights that are powered from a source such as a battery or a generator. This includes exit signs, stairway lighting and other lights designed to help people find exits and safety equipment. Egress lighting also helps to identify dangerous areas and warnings. LES Facility Service provides complete egress lighting services for businesses and other facilities in Knoxville.

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