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professional lawn care Greenville

Professional Lawn Care in Greeneville for Commercial Properties

Professional lawn care in Greeneville is now available from a full-service facility management company. That’s right- when you call Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. you are getting a property maintenance provider that handles your landscaping services as well.

Professional Lawn Care in Greeneville

Most professional lawn care companies in Greeneville do not have the staff to cover electrical, plumbing and commercial cleaning maintenance. Consequently, you are paying more for all of your facility maintenance if you are not using Lloyd’s Electric Service.

You may love your local gardener, but if you are paying too much for landscaping services, it’s time to look elsewhere for professional lawn care in Greeneville. Lloyd’s Electric Service is a FULL maintenance facility company that saves time and money.

Landscaping Services and Professional Lawn Care in Greeneville

When you hire Lloyd’s Electric Service for landscaping services, it is more than lawn mowing. The landscaping services also provide your facility with replanting, arborist services. If you have a sick tree on site, Lloyd’s Electric Service has the team to bring it back to health.

The team from Lloyd’s Electric Service prides itself on lush landscaping, and will never let you down.

Property Maintenance Including Landscaping Services

Property maintenance is included when you work with Lloyd’s Electric Service. Depending on your agreement, property maintenance includes plumbing, construction, solar, telecommunications, on-call solutions, electrical and more. With one property maintenance company handling all of your services, your task list is cut in half.

Professional Lawn Care Greeneville for a New Look

If your facility could use some help, the landscaping services from Lloyd’s Electric will not let you down. From the initial planning and planting stages, the team has your back. As a result, your community will love your new look and your new landscaping from Lloyd’s Electric Service.

For the best professional lawn care in Greeneville, call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a quote today.

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