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Emergency Backup Power for Retail Locations

Backup power is an essential part of owning a retail business. Commercial generators from Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. provide emergency power when you need it most whether you operate a small strip mall or a massive shopping center.

Backup Power Regardless of the Situation

Whatever the situation, Lloyd’s Electric Service has the emergency backup power system for your facility. The trained and experienced team from Lloyd’s Electric Service also provides your retail business with on-call solutions and regular maintenance and services.

Lloyd’s Electric Service emergency service is second to none. On call 24 hours, seven days a week, even on holidays, your commercial generators will never let you down.

Why a Maintenance Agreement for Backup Power is Essential

Keeping your commercial generators in good condition must be a priority. With a maintenance agreement from Lloyd’s Electric Service Inc., your system is protected without incident.

Ask Lloyd’s Electric Service about backup power and commercial generator service. With different packages available, a service agreement is a smart and affordable way to protect your investment.

Emergency Backup Power and Emergency Service

Having a mall full of people is a good thing, but not if the power goes out. If you do not have commercial generators standing by, your great sales day could turn out to be a disaster. Escalators will stall and the lights will go out. If your fitting rooms are full and the power goes out, your stores will be dark and chaos will follow.

Commercial generators prevent panic and distress as the systems kick on immediately. Your customers will have no idea that there was an outage and will continue shopping as if nothing has occurred.

For emergency backup power and commercial generators, call Lloyd’s Electric Service for a quote. Retail locations can breathe a sigh of relief.

Call for a no-obligation commercial generators or emergency service quote today.

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