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Emergency Power Generators Offer Peace of Mind

Whether you are a homeowner with a fridge full of groceries or a business owner running a large facility, emergency power generators are essential. Offering power solutions that range from standby generators to diesel or propane powered generators, Lloyd’s Electric Service provides customer service long after the installation.

Emergency Power Generators Providers for Over 36 Years

Since 1982, Lloyd’s Electric Service has provided affordable generator solutions to the region. One of the largest investments that you will ever make, whole home generators and commercial generators must be purchased from and installed and maintained by a company that is supported by the manufacturer. Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is a proud Power Pro Elite provider who offers customer support when you need it most.

Owning a new generator system for emergency power is just part of the puzzle, and if you bought your emergency power supply second hand, you will not have a backup if it fails. Purchasing such a major investment for your residential or commercial property should be well thought out. Before purchase, Lloyd’s Electric Service will make sure that the gas generator you purchase is right for your needs.

Lloyd’s Electric Service backs up everything they sell with the best customer service in the industry. After emergency power installation, Lloyd’s Electric Service a scheduled maintenance program will be discussed.  As Power Pro Elite dealers, Generac® supports the products sold by Lloyd’s Electric Service.

Let Lloyd’s Help You Decide on Your Emergency Power System

Lloyd’s Electric service recommends the best products for both commercial and residential properties. While you may have thought about small gas generators, whole home generators may be more suitable. Lloyd’s Electric will determine the costs and time constraints involved in the project.

Don’t wait for a power outage. Call and schedule a no-obligation consultation with the technicians from Lloyd’s Electric Service.  Call and inquire about small generators, commercial generators and whole home generators for emergency power solutions.

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