Nashville Telecom Services

In the Nashville/Central Basin region, Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. is building the future of telecommunications. With 5G networks cresting the horizon this year, big changes may soon be in store for Nashville homes and businesses. From residential and small commercial needs to corporate and industrial facility solutions, and for everything from upgrades and maintenance to…

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South Carolina Facility Maintenance

For more than 300 years, Charleston, South Carolina has been one of America’s most important industrial hubs. At Lloyd’s Electric Service, we realize that the facilities in our region and the people who work in them move the world in remarkable ways. Reliable infrastructure maintenance is essential to keeping those facilities safe, compliant and productive.…

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Solar Energy in Nashville

Solar energy has been an evolving part of environmental protection for over 40 years and in the last decade, it’s become more affordable and efficient than ever. In Nashville and across the South, Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc. has made their name as the go-to consultants for families and businesses considering the solar option. Our sun…

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The Great American Eclipse of 2017

On Monday, August 21st The Great American Eclipse will cut a path across the America from Oregon’s coast to South Carolina’s over a period of exactly 90 minutes. Hoards of enthusiastic viewers will congregate within the 70 mile-wide path of the Moon’s shadow for the once-in-a-lifetime experience. This will be the first total eclipse to…

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Back-up Power Generators

Back-up power generators are a good idea for a business or residence just to make sure that things keep running smoothly in case of a power outage in the area. Sometimes though, having a generator saves lives. There are many people living with medical problems who could be in serious danger if a blackout were…

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