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Contractor Services for Development and Commerce

Contractor services are not created equal. In fact, there is a major difference between a general contractor and a contractor who is not licensed as a general contractor. Often times contractor, services are confused leaving the proposed client wondering what they are getting in the end. Contractor Services and Remodeling Builders Not all remodeling builders…

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A Licensed Electrician at Your Service 24/7

A licensed electrician isn’t always at your beck and call. A licensed electrical contractor doesn’t work on holidays. Had you done your annual electrical inspection with LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, your commercial electrical woes wouldn’t be an issue. Why You Need a Licensed Electrician Chances are the maintenance man who…

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Quality Network Maintenance and Upgrades

A necessary evil, network maintenance keeps your system alive. From that data upgrade that you have been neglecting to the structured cable installation that has been put on the back burner, network maintenance and upgrading must be added to your to do list for 2019. Why Do I Need Network Maintenance If you want your…

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Emergency Maintenance Services for Unexpected Issues

Emergency Maintenance Services are an avoidable consequence that occurs after system neglect. An emergency plumber, a 24 hour electrician, or both, probably would not have been called with regular maintenance. LES Facility Service, a division of Lloyd’s Electric Service, Inc., provides 24 hour service when you need it most. From plumbing and electrical services to…

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Heating Air Service and Repair When You Need It Most

Heating and air service and repair for both air and heating is an avoidable occurrence that is usually quite costly. Service is much less expensive than replacement. If your HVAC repairperson has detected a fault within your HVAC system that happened because you neglected regular maintenance, your warranty will probably not be valid. Heating and…

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Predictive Maintenance Gets You Ahead of the Weather

With predictive maintenance, your facility remains save from the elements. Thermal scanning is essential and must be included with your predictive maintenance schedule as this promises to be a harsh winter. Why Do I Need Predictive Maintenance? You need preventive maintenance because it protects your business. With thermal scanning from LES Facility Service, a division…

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Painting Contractors for Commercial Buildings

Painting contractors. Created equal? Absolutely not. Just ask the business down the street why he will never hire a non-licensed contractor again, and you will quickly learn why a jack or all trades isn’t suited for drywall repair. Painting Contractors and More Painters paint, period. That handyman that you handed you hired to repair the…

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Complete HVAC and Refrigeration Services

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) does more than just keep indoor spaces cool when its warm outside and vice versa. HVAC is imperative to the safety, comfort, and productivity of most establishments. Not only does an HVAC system keep you and your customers at a comfortable temperature it also provides proper airflow and ventilation which makes your building safer. A complete and well-maintained HVAC system can even help prevent fires.

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